About C.B.Software

Charlie Burnham is the programmer behind C.B.Software’s products. Having graduated with an Engineering degree from Queen Mary College, University of London, he became involved with the glass & glazing industry when he joined Clear Thinking (Software) Ltd in 1988, where he is still employed as a programmer, over 30 years later.

In 1994 he started C.B.Software designing software specifically to match the needs of the industry. As well as the Bay6 bays & bows calculation software, these have included several software utilities, used by some of the largest companies in the U.K. glass industry to import customer orders.

As C.B.Software he also designed and wrote the GlassOffice program, which is now owned and developed by Clear Thinking (Software) Ltd, where he continues to help develop it, but now as an employee. Last time we checked, it was being used by hundreds of companies world-wide as their main order processing software.